Website Redesign & Migrations in Melbourne

To some redesigning a website and deleting the old website is just the thing to do if you don't like the look of your old website. This reminds me of what my Marketing lecturer Mr.Spark use to say in his lectures. You can not go into a business and go through it like a hot knife goes through butter.

There are a few questions someone in charge of redesigning a website need to ask themselves. Here are some I ask myself when working my clients website design that requires a full migration of content or even a total redesign.


Very important SEO questions to ask yourself.


  • How long has the website been around for?
  • Does the website appear in search engines?
  • How many pages are logged in search engines?
  • Which pages are logged in search engines?
  • What is the current rank of the website in Google?
  • Are there lots of inbound links going to the existing website?
  • What pages are all the inbound links pointing to?
  • How are those URL's created? Dynamic or static?
  • How can I replicate those URL's so that all the SEO juice they have is not wasted?


More website redesign questions to ask yourself.


  • Considering the current web trends what is the best scalable CMS to use?
  • What are the long term objectives of the business this job is being done for?
  • Have the statistics for the domain been gathered over the years?
  • If there are store items what is the best migration option to get them in the new store?
  • What SEO plans does the company have and what is the best CMS to handle these issues without lots of expenses
  • If there is no on-line store at the moment, may there be one in the future?
  • If there might be the requirement of an online store add on what CMS will take care of this without having to start from scratch?
  • Is the considered CMS open source which will keep running costs down and offer freelancers with the skill to help when required?


So when redesigning a web site in Melbourne, keeping these things in mind in the long term will give you proactive planning as opposed to reactive which can be distructive. Of course if you have a professional on hand who has already asked him or herself these questions many times before the answer is easy. Start using the Drupal CMS. Go to the Drupal CMS website to read more about it and maybe if you're an enthusiast join the community. However if you'd like us to redesign a website in Melbourne for you feel free to call or email us. All the best.

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