Website design is only one part

Developing a brand and sticking to it works!

When developing a new brand there are many things that need to be taken into account. For example what message is the brand delivering? How will it be used? Will it go on big trucks? How much will it cost to place it on a truck if the design has a gradient in it? And the list keeps going. Once the logo is developed it is common practice to stick to a branding theme. This is where we can help you. With years of experience behind us we can design something just for you at a reasonable price.

  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the image you are trying to portray?
  • How will the logo be used?
  • What colours will be used?
  • Does your branding look too much like one of your competitors?
  • What kind of material will the logo be printed on?
  • How will the logo look digitally and online?

Logo development

A logo helps a customer remember who you are as a business and sets up your brand amongst your competition. If your logo and your branding is good, everyone remembers it. A logo can be shapes that relate to your industry along with your company name, or just your company name smartly presented using creative fonts and colours. Colours also help make your brand more recognisable and if used wisely alongside your logo when promoting can build your brand and create great brand recognition for your product or service. Once there is good brand awareness, well, things should get better as long as you repeat the actions of your success.

Business cards

Business cards are a very powerful tool when used with networking. How many people have you met throughout your life who at some point in time may require the use of your services. If they all had a business card with your contact details and services you provide how much greater is the possibility that they will use your services? Business cards should always be in sync with your branding so that your banners, shop front, A frames, car sticker letterheads and whatever other promotional material you may have all match and deliver the same message to your customers.

Brochures and fliers

Whether your are a small or large business brochures and fliers will always be a great marketing tool for you. Some businesses are lucky and do not have to promote in order to get clients. This can be a dangerous habit to slip into. What will happen when there are a few more competitors on the market all pushing their products onto your existing customers. Customer loyalty can help but at the end of the day the one that is always there promoting their product is the one that will get more sales because people find it easy to make the reference to the service or product due to seeing the brand frequently.

By distributing fliers at random or using a mail out you are increasing your product or service awareness every time. A nice brochure that represents your brand in a professional manner is something that could be the one thing that will make a customer decide to choose you.


To promote a large range of products there is nothing better than a catalogue. Consider for a minute the amount of junk advertising that goes through your mailbox throughout a week. That all costs someone a lot of money and they would not be doing it if it did not work. Someone who buys a product from you is already happy to do business with you. The product they purchased may have been just what they were looking for. But what if there are 20 other things in your shop that they also require but are unaware that you can sell them. A catalogue gives them the chance to look at your products whenever they feel comfortable doing it. Branded correctly not only will a catalogue sell your products, but it can also increase brand awareness, promote your website, advertise for your distributors, offer give away prizes to your clients and give you a way to build up a mailing list for your next big SALE.

Advertisement design

Sometimes the price is right and a half or full page spread is what you have in mind. We can help you brand your advertisement and work with you to get just the result you’re after. Magazines usually hit a direct target market and a lot of time a niche magazine may be a very effective means of reaching a target market. Don’t put the idea aside just because large firms charge a great deal for graphic design. Contact us and we’ll work out a good price for you and even come to you.

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