Choosing your website domain name

Prior to having your web site developed you will need a domain name. For more information and the facilities to register you domain name now visit the domain name registration page.

This may seem like a simple straight forward task. A business domain name is an extension of that businesses branding. Now if the business name was created without looking around at what the business names of your competition are nationally you may have a problem on your hand.

If your competition, be it they are located 1000 km away from you use a very similar business name and have been around for a long time in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN you could have a problem. They may always outrank you therefore it may seem like they are you. This could lead to you leading people to their website when people search for your business name.

It always pays to have a quick look at the ABN registry page for business names that already exist that are similar to what your intended or current business name may be. This will in turn give you a clearer understanding of what future branding issues you may face. In the worst case scenario you may even be required to change your name if you registered your business name electronically and it went through when legislation states that it should not.

But considering that the previously mentioned issues do not affect you at all you should always be cautious. Even though or your may be available you may loose it as anyone can register a or .com domain name. I have seen instances where a client who supplied a product to a retailer lost his domain name to the retailer. Now the retailer was selling that brand. Even though the supplier rightfully should have that name it was already taken by the retailer who realised it’s value first. This sort of scenario can be tricky, costly and time consuming if you choose to pursue it.

The moral to the storey is register your domain name ASAP so someone else does not do it before you! The longer you leave it the more chance there is that your company name will be used by someone else. And on the same token make sure that you are not going to be promoting someone else’s business name. Peace.

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