What Is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. Web Agent provides website design with SEO in Melbourne to better prepare your newly developed website for the online environment. Most online content these days is found using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So to increase the volume of traffic and reach a target market we use knowledge of search engine optimisation. And let’s face it. The internet today is the largest market for an unlimited amount of products and services therefore you need to be online and SEO’d properly.

Why SEO Your Site?

When Search Engine Optimisation is done correctly it increases a website’s traffic considerably compared to sites that do not take SEO into account. SEO however must not be confused with SEM which is Search Engine Marketing. This is the process of increasing traffic and reaching the target market using paid advertising tools provided by search engines. Once the payments stop so does the traffic. SEO however uses the inside knowledge of website design, programming, marketing and keyword analysis to naturally influence a better position in Search Engine Result Pages. If this does not make much sense to you there’s no need to worry as you are not alone. We’ll pick it up from there. As SEO requires ongoing maintenance to ensure best results we keep an eye on our customers to make sure all is OK.

Why Choose Website Design With SEO

So how do we do this website design with SEO? Well since we design your website for you here in Melbourne we can at the same time include some special consulting attached to the web designer service. This is offered to those that choose the respective add on SEO kick start service.

We can offer multiple levels of SEO services to help better optimise your site for search engines. So if you are interested in getting website design with SEO in Melbourne call Web Agent! We are your professional Melbourne based web agents!

We can help you! Here are some of our customers results. Search using the search terms in Google for proof :

  • Ladies Tailor Bayside > Invisible Seam is #1 in SERP
  • Caravan Repair Mornington > Peninsula Caravan Services is #1 in SERP
  • Sign Writer Hastings > Essenjay Signs is #1 in SERP
  • Souvlaki Mentone > Levendi Souvlaki Grill is #1 in SERP

Have your website designed well from the start!

Be competitive in Google, Yahoo and Bing!

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