Register your domain name and have us design your website!

To get your website or online shop on the internet you will first need a domain name for your website. This could be your business name if it is not already taken.

For example when people will want to go to your website they will have to type your website address in their browser like so Of course you could also have and along with a few other variations. To get started now just go to our domain name search tool and start searching for your future domain name.

An additional benefit you get from having your business name as your domain name is the ability to also have email addresses that will end with your website address not Gmail or Yahoo therefore looking a little more professional. So your business card email address will be That sounds better than and it also keeps your business well branded. You can also use these email addresses for your mail outs so your customers can clearly identify that the email came from

Not only do we offer web design and development we also offer domain names and web hosting. That being said we prefer our customers website hosting and domain names to be registered with us as it makes things easier when something goes wrong. Web Agent only offers domain names and hosting for our customers.

If there are three different parties managing the domain name, hosting and website design, you might have to do some trouble shooting that requires experience most people do not possess.

For domain name registration information and management please use the link below.

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