Web Agent offers website design to local businesses in Melbourne as an experienced web developer.

We have been designing websites ever since early 2000. Our web design and application development services have attracted both small and medium size businesses. We strive to give the same level of services to all out customers weather they are just starting out or been at it for decades.

There are a range of value adding web development services we offer startups to enable them to enter the online marketplace faster. To start with we offer many years of experience to help guide you through the steep learning curve that online market inevitably has. Our technical knowledge spans over decades enabling us to better position your website and email on the right infrastructure and online platform. Some businesses have been online for many years and still have a poor online presence. This would generally mean the website is not that well presented or ranking well on Google or Bing. Call us on 180 680 554 to speak to an experienced website designer now!

Email address

custom branded email option - Web Agent

Many people use their Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and other email addresses for their business email addresses. However if you look at all professionally branded businesses you will always see a branded email address. For example you at your-business This not only makes the business look more professional but promotes your website to those that read the email address.

Add & edit content

web development option CMS - Web Agent

Some people prefer the DIY approach to their website for the obvious reasons. To put a smile on their faces, once the project is complete they have access to alter content if they feel up to it. This can be of great benefit to those that have the skills and time to add content to the site. It offers the ability to quickly implement pricing changes, add products and services to their website and update content.

Content Tutorial

web development features CMS tutorial option - Web Agent

As with all new programs and gadgets it is not easy to jump in the deep and get things done. Especially at a business level. We recognise this and offer a 1 hour guidance lesson to our customers that choose to update the site themselves. This will include showing you how to update text. This does depend on the level of knowledge staff already have of websites.

Domain name

Every professional business website has a domain name. Your domain name reinforces your branding and makes it easier for people who are aware of your business to locate your website. All domains are paid every 2 years and .com domains are paid every year. These are ongoing fees that apply for the whole time your website is online.

SEO for Google, Yahoo & Bing

New websites do not always have technical designers working on them who are aware of Search Engine Optimisation and how to make the most of your website. When we complete your website and we give the option to place your webpages in Google, Yahoo & Bing, meaning that it will include you in Search Engine Result Pages.

Fast local hosting

Your website hosting for the first 12 months is your online real estate where your website is located. Hosting needs to be paid every 12 months in order to keep the site running. To ensure that you are kept up to date you will be sent an invoice roughly 3 months prior to the expiration date to prevent any down time on your website.

Interactive Google map

To help get customers get through your door with ease an Google interactive map can really help. The interactive map will zoom in and out so that people can find the best roads to use to reach your business address. Your location will be marked on the map to easily locate it. Placing the map in the contact page adds that little bit of extra customer service to all your website visitors.

Spam prevention tools

website development features spam prevention - Web Agent

Unsolicited email is a big problem on the internet and having a website does tend to attract more attention to your email address. By using a “contact form” your email is not shown to the public but internet robots can still submit unsolicited email to you. By using robot prevention, robots are generally blocked from submitting due to their limitations. This means less junk mail in you inbox.

Google website statistics

website design marketing statistics option - Web Agent

To measure the effect of your marketing and promotions it helps to have a guide that shows visits to your site over a period of time. This feature is provided to enable our customers to best understand their visitors and how well their promotional efforts are doing. We also make this report available through an email that is sent to you on a weekly basis.

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