Website Photos Melbourne

Whether you are looking to have photos taken for a print advertisement or for a website it is best to have it done with the end result in mind. Of course we are not saying to overspend your budget on photos and have no money left for your website design, but why not prepare your print photos at the same time as your website photos for no extra cost?

A nicely cut out image, that is lit up properly will always help the viewer see the product in a different light. No pun intended. If the products are photographed for a catalogue you can always reuse the photos and make them smaller for use in your website therefore saving money. Below are a few photos Web Agent has taken for Wavedance Kayaks and No Limits Watersports.

We can take photos for your catalogue and you may use the photos for your website design. We’ll even web optimise them for you free so that it will help your website load quicker. Below are some more photos that were taken for the No Limits Water Sports website.

Optimisation of photos makes your site load quicker, which is very important when you start putting product photos on a page.

But you also do not want to have photos so small that the customer can not see what it is they are buying. Even if they are smaller in size. They say that a website viewer rarely waits for more than 30 seconds for a page to load. Make sure that your photos can make your customer imagine themselves owning the product.

If your products are large and the size of the photos do not do them justice there is also a ZOOM into photo option that we can implement for you.

To get a better idea of the zoom function scroll your mouse over the images on the left. Doing this will open up a floating window above this text which shows a more detailed version of the image. These are the sort of things that will always help your customers make a quicker more informed decision about the product they are viewing. And it is like they say in Marketing. There are 5 P’s that major marketing decisions can be classified in. Product, price, place, promotion and people. Good photos will portray your product adequately in your customers mind while promoting its good benefits and features.

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