Freelance App Developer Melbourne (PHP/MySQL)

Web Agent is a Freelance App Developer in Melbourne (PHP/MySQL). You may have ended up on this page because you are interested in having a web app developed in Melbourne who uses PHP and MySQL. Web Agent can do that for you at a relatively low price and the experience is there. We create our apps in PHP using a LAMP stack which is Linux based. The most popular server techonology in the world. They run on the web on any device and if the budget is right you can get anything you need done.

Freelance PHP and MySQL development Melbourne

Now the difference between hiring an app developer who is a freelancer and using a company is cost. Having a team working on a project or one person who can do it all for you. A freelance php developer, pr rather a full stack developer will break down the project for you from the start. Just make sure they are not using procedural programming. Yes, I use to do that when I started. This leads to dead ends and useless code that cost you a lot. Oh yes. A lot! You need to make sure that the PHP programmer you are using is using, can expand the code or as programmers would put it, make the code scalable. Just keep in mind that there are many points of view when you aproach a problem in programming so don't get caught up in the complexity as anyone who is well versed in the development of applications will be able to articulate the process. Unless you want to know something very intricate. Then its reading, practice and debugging time for you!

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